December 6th & 7th, 2019

Arts Society of Kutztown University x The Publishing House Co




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Creative Collaborations

We not only host workshops and small intimate exhibits, we collaborate and network with musicians, farmers, photographers and artists.


Media Consulting

We have years of experience with digital marketing and social media brand work, managing back ends of websites and leading in content creation.


our Shop

We work closely with American craftsman, designers, and clothiers to advocate an authentic and romantic style, as well as promote and sell their products.

We are dedicated to bringing unique and creative collaborations to life.

We offer services in marketing, event planning, event styling, and more.


We've pursued a standard of beauty in all things from our digital presence to our studio, and especially in executing our events. We will help you in any way to make your home, event, or digital work reflect the same sort of aesthetic. Namely one of function and beauty.


"I feel like I've left Kutztown and walked into a studio in Brooklyn or Philadelphia."

We're interested in renting out our space to photographers and makers hourly
between the hours of 8am-8pm Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. 


“It’s a hidden gem in this town, like no other building I’ve been in”
— Customer of the December 2015 Pop-Up